Winter Facials for Healthy Skin

This time of year our skin takes a beating with the cooler temperatures and wind and can sometimes look dull because we may not be seeing as much sunlight as we’re used to or even getting as much exercise because who wants to be outside when it’s colder or raining?! A great way to correct that dull-looking skin and give yourself a boost is to get a facial.

Not only is a facial a great way to get a deep cleanse it can help in other ways too.  They can help treat blemishes and the scars that often accompany them, boost cell regeneration, promote collagen development, promote circulation, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin, open your pores and can even eliminate under-eye bags or dark circles. All of these benefits give you younger, healthier-looking skin and give you a glow to beat those winter blues. 

As far as the frequency required to achieve these benefits, it will depend on your goal.  You can, of course, do a one-time facial if you want to look great for a special event but routine facials will provide the most benefit. Your skin goes through a cycle of growth and exfoliation that generally takes about 3 to 4 weeks.  Most people find monthly facials the most beneficial to keep their skin looking its best year-round.  If you have sensitive skin you may want to do it less often. One of our professional estheticians can help you determine the best frequency for you and your skin.

Make an appointment today at Dianne’s Impressions and get your salon facial routine started. Our professional, highly-trained estheticians are ready to provide you a customized experience based on your individual needs. You can find us at 6841 Main Street in Miami Lakes, or give us a call at 305-556-6565. If you prefer, you can make your own appointment instantly with our free mobile app, available on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

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