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What are Keratin Treatments and Are They Beneficial in the Winter?

Maybe you’ve never tried a keratin treatment or maybe you’re religious about getting your keratin straightening treatments throughout the spring and summer to maintain a smooth, sleek look despite the humidity but haven’t considered them in the cooler months. If you’re not getting them in the winter then you’re missing out! Keratin can be beneficial in all seasons so don’t hesitate to try one now even as the weather is cooling off a bit and the humidity isn’t as bad.

Types of Keratin Treatments
There’s keratin straightening as well as keratin blowouts and which one you should get depends on the overall goals for your hair. They both reduce frizz and can relax curl, but the time each takes as well as what needs to be done after your appointment varies a bit. The stylists at Dianne’s Impressions can help you figure out which one is best for you.

Who is it right for?
Keratin can help any type or color of hair but if you already have fine or limp hair you may not benefit from the treatment as much. Those with curly, thicker or frizz-prone hair will definitely see an improvement in their texture and shine! Don’t want to lose your curl completely? Don’t worry, you won’t; you can have one of these treatments done and still maintain your curl without the frizz! Additionally, blondes do have to be a bit more careful as it can change the tone of their hair so definitely consult with your stylist if you’re considering trying a keratin treatment. 

Benefits of Winter Treatments
As we mentioned, keratin reduces frizz and can relax your curl and that’s so beneficial with the humidity of the summer months, but it can help in the cooler months as well by preventing frizz on those damp rainy days. Many have noticed that their hair can get a little wet and still look great when it dries. Women have also noted that it takes less time to dry their hair as well and those with curly hair have said that they can let their curls air dry and not have frizz. So not only does it fight frizz, create great shine and keep you looking great year-round it also saves you time in your daily beauty routine! 

Use those sulfate-free shampoos or keratin products between appointments to help your treatment last but don’t skip the professional treatments! Make your appointment today at Dianne’s Impressions. Our team of professional stylists are ready to help you decide which keratin treatment is best for your individual needs. You can find us at 6841 Main Street in Miami Lakes, or give us a call on 305-556-6565. If you prefer to instantly make your own appointment, download our free mobile app. It’s available on iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.

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