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The Benefits of Facial and Body Waxing

It’s summer, and that means swimming pools, beach vacations, water sports – and bikinis. With all that skin exposed to the world, you’ll want it to be smooth and free of unwanted hair. But what’s the best option for hair removal? Here are some facts that show that waxing is your best bet for smooth, silky skin.

If you remove hair by shaving, you know how quickly that unsightly stubble can return. This is because shaving only cuts hairs, leaving their root intact and allowing them to regrow quickly. Waxing removes hair at the root, and for hair to regrow, it first must regrow the follicle. This keeps you smoother for much longer, about four to six weeks.

You’ve heard people say that hair grows back thicker when you shave. Hair appears thicker after shaving because each strand is cut at an angle, and this angle makes is more visible when it regrows. After waxing, hair regrowth is finer, and after regular waxing, some areas may no longer regrow hair at all!

It’s easy to accidentally cut our skin while shaving – we’ve all done it, and it’s bound to happen when scraping your skin with a sharp razor. Waxing eliminates that problem, leaving your skin silky smooth without any cuts that can leave scars.

Waxing has an additional benefit. While removing unwanted hair, you are also removing dead skin cells and pollutants from the surface. This stimulates your skin’s rejuvenation processes that help your skin look its best. When your skin regenerates, it helps improve visible texture issues like tiny lines or scars.

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