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Refresh Yourself With A Detox Body Wrap

On the daily, we are exposed to a large number of pollutants. They’re in the air, in our food, water, etc. These toxins can affect your skin and health over time. If you’re feeling the effects of pollutants, and are…

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Beautician Filing The Nails Of Woman

The Importance of Regular Manicures and Pedicures

Everyone loves a good mani–pedi, especially when it’s part of a day out with friends. We all love to hang out together while being pampered, and having beautiful, polished nails to show for it is a plus! Usually, we opt…

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Peels and Potions: The Benefits of Regular Salon Facials

Everyone can benefit from regular, professional facials and skin treatments, whether you have skin issues like acne, uneven skin tone, or signs of aging, or even if your skin does not appear to have any issues. Facial treatments have valuable…

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Style Basics: The New Wave in Perms

So many of this year’s hairstyles call for curls, but if you don’t have naturally curly hair, what can you do? Perms have long been associated with the styles of the 80s – big hair with lots of frizz and…

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2 in 1 hair straightening before and after

The Basics: Hair Botox vs. Keratin Treatments

If you’re looking to smooth out your hair, straighten it, and restore its luster and shine, you may be thinking about having a hair botox or keratin treatment. What is the difference? Here are a few facts about each option…

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Sunscreen / sun tan lotion

Great Tips For Summer Skin

It may seem that it’s almost always summer here in South Florida what with our warm weather and sunny skies just about all year round. But that just makes these summer skincare tips even more useful – you can turn…

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Reflexology For Wellness

It’s no accident that we often find health and beauty products shelved near each other in stores – good health is a fundamental component of beauty. Focusing on wellness is the first step in any good beauty regimen because you…

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facial massage

Take A Mini Vacation With A European Facial

There’s something about this time of year that makes people want to take a vacation. Maybe it’s the let down after a hectic holiday season. Or maybe it’s receiving our W2s in the mail that make us want to high…

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Side view of woman receiving microdermabrasion therapy on forehead at beauty spa

Renew For Fall With Microdermabrasion

It’s a long name – and a somewhat intimidating one – but the process of microdermabrasion is surprisingly simple. Also known as microderm, this is a procedure that gently resurfaces your skin while stimulating collagen growth. It removes the top…

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