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Reinforcement Options for Strong, Beautiful Nails

If you’re like many women, you’ve always admired gorgeous, freshly manicured nails, but with your brittle nails that constantly break, you’ve never thought you could pull off the look. Well, it’s time to head to the salon for your own great, lasting manicure, because nail wraps and fills have made it easy to have your own gorgeous nails!

Silk wraps work by strengthening your natural nails and sometimes adding length. Silk wraps are the perfect option for women with weak, brittle nails that always break or chip. The process uses silk, a lightweight but very strong material, to reinforce your own natural nails. The thin, breathable material makes your nails look natural and healthy. Silk wraps are applied with a resin directly to your natural nails. Once on, they can be left natural or polished.

Another option is acrylic nails. In this process, the nail technician brushes the acrylic product onto your natural nail. This will harden as it is exposed to air and leave you with a stronger, natural looking nail. Acrylic nails should be filled every few weeks as your natural nail grows out.

Gel nails are applied with a process similar to acrylics. After application, your nails are hardened under a UV light to set the gel. The curing is often done in stages as each coat is applied. Like acrylics, gel nails grow out after a few weeks and require filling at your salon.

Which nail reinforcement is right for you? This depends on the condition of your nails and your desired outcome. Your professional nail technician can assess the health of your nails and advise you on the best process to get those gorgeous, salon-manicured nails you’ve always wanted!

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