Professional Manicures: An Important Part of Your Skincare Routine

We all know that manicures are fun and relaxing, but many of us reserve professional manicures for special occasions like weddings or the prom. However, regular, professional manicures are an important part of your beauty and skincare routine. Here’s why.

Skin health. Part of a professional manicure is massage while applying creams, oils, and lotions. This massaging motion stimulates blood flow, which delivers vital oxygen to the cells in your hands. This helps keep your skin cells functioning at optimal levels, which is important for healthy skin.

Prevent infections. No one wants fungal infections, but sometimes these can take hold well before you notice them. Your professional nail technician watches for signs of problems like fungal infections and can address them right away before they become an unsightly and uncomfortable problem.

Improve texture. Professional nail technicians have a variety of products at their disposal to improve your skin’s texture, leaving them soft and beautiful. Everyone’s skincare needs are different, so your professional nail technician can use the right products for your individual needs.

Prevent damage. Regular manicures from a professional technician can help make those rough, chipped nails a thing of the past. Your technician is focused on your nail health and knows how to take steps to prevent damage. For this reason, it’s important to keep up a regular schedule of manicures with the same nail professional.

Variety. Professional nail technicians have a huge variety of nail polish colors to choose from, as well as the talent to add artistic decorations that will make your nails beautiful and unique.

De-stress. Finally, yes, professional manicures are a relaxing, fun way to take time out of your busy day to do something just for yourself. That’s an important part of your wellness routine, and professional manicures are one way to relax and be pampered while you unplug from the stress of your day.

Due for a manicure? Make an appointment at Dianne’s Impressions today. Our professional nail technicians will pamper you in our relaxing environment, and you’ll love the way your hands look and feel! Find us at 6841 Main Street in Miami Lakes or call 305-556-6565 to book an appointment. If you like managing your own appointments on your mobile device, download our free mobile app, available on iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.

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