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Tame that Mane for Summer

Unless you’re planning to spend your summer in the desert, chances are that you’ll be hit with a bout of humidity at some point in the coming months. For those of us with a tendency toward frizz, that spells trouble…

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summer skin care

Get – And Keep – Great Summer Skin

Blue skies and sunshine, days by the pool or at the beach, warm nights under the stars – take your pick for summertime fun. Just remember that summer’s warm weather brings with it some special considerations for looking, and feeling,…

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Summer Color Care

You’ve shaken off the last vestiges of winter and grabbed the onset of summer with both hands, or at least with a great new color for your ‘do. Whether you’ve opted for sun-kissed highlights or a full on new color…

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Fresh Spring Looks For Your Nails

Nothing shouts, “spring!” louder than a new look for your nails. After a long winter of mittens and gloves, shoveling snow off the sidewalk and scraping ice from the windshield, there’s nothing quite like that first spring manicure to brighten…

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Switch It Up For Spring

Spring is the season when we all get a do-over, and sometimes that means doing over your ‘do, too. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic new cut or color. Switching it up can also be as simple as a…

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Spring Skin Rehab

Spring brings out the wild child in all of us – think spring break, and you’ll know what we mean. Even if you’re not in South Beach or Cabo, spring fever may just make you stay out later and party…

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Makeup Salon

Getting It Right – Foundation How-To’s

A huge trend in the beauty market at the moment is the shift to serum foundations over traditional foundation makeup. They’re also known as foundation fluids or skin tints, and they combine the best of BB creams and anti-aging serums….

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Diannes acrylic

Great Nails in a Flash

Artificial nails – gels, silks, and acrylic – fill an important void in nail care. Not only are they great for special occasions, but they’re also a lifesaver for those of us who have trouble growing, and keeping, long nails….

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best of all diannes impressions

The Best of All Hair

You’ve found a great salon and the perfect stylist, but now what? How do you keep that great do looking its best in between visits? Believe it or not, it’s pretty simple if you follow a few simple rules. These…

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Optimized-Diannes impressions

Pre-Treatment Steps for Acne

We’ve all been through it as adolescents, and some of us wind up going through it yet again as adults – acne. Even the word itself has an evil ring to it. The problem is that our modern lifestyles filled…

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