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Get Soft, Natural Curls with Today’s Perms

When you hear the word “perm,” do you automatically think of the frizzy, out-of-control styles of the 80’s and 90’s? Many people do. Although some of these retro styles are coming back, they are absent that frizzy look of the past. Today’s perms are different – they give you gorgeous, luxurious curls without all that frizz.

Today, the emphasis is on conditioning. Perm technology has changed for the better, with gentler ingredients and a focus on infusing nutrients into your hair. Soft curls are more defined and don’t have that frizzy look that was popular in the past.

The styles have also changed, even those retro styles that are reminiscent of the old days. The trend is toward natural looking, air-dried curls rather than back-combed, big hair.

In the perming process, smaller rollers create tighter curls. For most styles, professional stylists are working with bigger rollers for a more natural, beach wave look, although tighter curls are still an option due to the new, nourishing ingredients that help even smaller curls look soft and well-defined.

Perms are a great option for most hair types, although if you’ve had a lot of processing treatments, discuss those with your stylist before opting for a perm. Your stylist can best analyze the condition of your hair and determine whether a new perm is a good option for you.

After perming, proper hair care is important. Only use products that are specifically formulated for your hair – ask your stylist to recommend the best products. Avoid heat when possible by taking warm showers instead of hot ones and cutting back on the use of heated styling tools. Condition your hair regularly and ask your stylist about regular deep conditioning treatments. Soft, hydrated hair helps any style look its best.

Want to add some curl to your style? Find out whether today’s modern perms are an option for you by making an appointment at Dianne’s Impressions today. Our stylists will assess your hair’s condition and the style you’d like to determine whether a perm is the right option for you. Find us at 6841 Main Street in Miami Lakes or call us at 305-556-6565. Prefer to instantly schedule your own appointment? Try our free Dianne’s Impressions mobile app, available on iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.

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