Get a Smooth, Frizz-Free Style This Spring with Keratin Treatments

Spring is here! If you’ve had the curly look but you’re ready for a new style to go with that new spring wardrobe, you may want to try a keratin smoothing treatment. Keratin treatments give you soft, shiny hair that’s straight and smooth.

Keratin is a protein that helps make up the structure of your hair. The keratin in keratin smoothing treatments helps your hair look smooth and shiny by filling in the gaps of damaged hair strands. The outside layer of each strand, called the cuticle, is made up of cells that can separate when damaged. Keratin treatments seal the protein into the cuticle and repair the damage. Your hair is left silky smooth and gets healthier looking with every treatment.

Because each strand is sealed and smoothed, keratin treatments wipe out the frizz. Even in high humidity conditions, your hair will stay smooth and in control.

Keratin treatments save you time each morning, because you’ll no longer need the flat iron and even your blow-drying time will be reduced. With less exposure to heat from these styling tools, your hair will be healthier.

The time it takes for a full keratin treatment will vary, based on your hair’s length and thickness. At Dianne’s Impressions, we provide both full keratin treatments and keratin blowouts. Blowouts are shorter treatments that give you some of the same benefits as a full keratin treatment. Our stylists use Coppola Complex products, which was the first to significantly reduce the formaldehyde found in other product formulas.

Aftercare treatment is important so your keratin smoothing treatment lasts a long time. To let the ingredients set properly, you’ll need to wait several days before washing your hair. When you do return to shampooing, use a sulfate-free formula recommended by your stylist to ensure your treatment lasts.

Ready for a change for your spring style? Make an appointment at Dianne’s Impressions today. Our professional stylists can recommend a new smoothing treatment, color, style, perm, or highlights that will make your spring wardrobe look fabulous! Find us at 6841 Main Street in Miami Lakes or call 305-556-6565 to book an appointment. You can also book and manage appointments with our free mobile app, available on iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.

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