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Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Waxing

It’s already springtime and summer is approaching fast which means swimming pools, beach vacations, water sports – and bikinis. Winter clothing is put in the back of the closet and lighter clothing like, summer dresses, tank tops, and shorts are moved to the front. Now with all that skin exposed to the world, you’ll want it to be smooth and free of any unwanted hair. But maybe you don’t know what the best option is? Here are some facts to show how waxing is your best bet for smooth, silky skin this season.

Razor Nicks and Cuts
It’s incredibly easy to accidentally cut our skin while shaving, just a quick flick and now you got a sharp stinging pain. It’s bound to happen but it sucks, you gotta deal with a mess and next time you shave you gotta be mindful of the scab unless you want a repeat. Those cuts can even leave you with annoying scars. Waxing eliminates that problem, a quick pull and a whole patch of hair is gone in seconds, leaving your skin silky smooth without any cuts.

Stubble can return quickly if you remove hair by shaving. Also, if you have dark hair on a lighter complexion, it stands out easier. Shaving only cuts your hairs, leaving the roots intact and allowing them to regrow as usual. Waxing removes hair at the root, and to regrow it has to start from the follicle. You’ll get smoother results for about four to six weeks.

Finer Regrowth with Waxing
Your hair appears thicker after shaving because of the angle it’s cut and this angle makes it more visible as it regrows. That’s where the belief that hair grows back thicker when you shave comes from. With waxing, hair regrowth is finer, and after a while of regular waxing, some areas may no longer regrow hair at all.

Waxing has an additional benefit you might not have thought of. While unwanted hair is removed, dead skin cells and pollutants are too. This also stimulates your skin’s natural rejuvenation processes to help your skin look its best. The regeneration helps improve visible texture issues like tiny lines and even scars.

Want to give waxing a try? Make your appointment today at Dianne’s Impressions. To meet your individual needs our professional, highly-trained wax specialist has the products and know-how to provide the best waxing service. You can find us at 6841 Main Street in Miami Lakes, or give us a call at 305-556-6565. If you prefer, you can make your own appointment instantly with our free mobile app, available on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

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