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Ombre Hair Color Trends for 2018

The new year is almost here – and nothing says fresh start like a new hair color! Ombre coloring is a great way to add new style to your look, and it works with most any hair color combination.

Ombre coloring is a style that transitions from a lighter to darker shade throughout the length of your hair. A well-done ombre can help ends appear thicker and brightens up eyes and skin tones for a fresh, youthful glow. Color contrasts can be stark or more natural, depending on the difference in the two shades selected.

Brunettes can blend in lighter shades that range from honeys and chestnuts for a subtle look, or go for a complete transition into blonde for a more dramatic style. Other options include chocolate and copper or caramel, or a deep, dark black transitioning into red or jewel tones – or even silver or grey.

Blondes can opt for an “opposite” ombre look, with the darker shade transitioning from a blonde at the top. This option is recommended for women with thicker hair, as the look can make hair appear somewhat thinner. A more traditional ombre with different shades of blonde looks great with long beach waves, and this style works well as a casual look or a holiday party. Strawberry blonde also looks great transitioning into a bleach blonde.

Redheads can start with a dark auburn or even a burgundy shade and transition it into bright red, or try a lighter shade of red transitioning to blonde or strawberry blonde. A triple-tone look from red to orange to blonde creates a stunning look.

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